Cuenta del Milenio - Honduras e IHCAFE
Inauguration of the Millennium Challenge Account- Honduras Laboratory

The largest and most modern laboratory in Central-America for 
 In Vitro Reproduction of coffee through somatic embryogenesis



As part of the Coffee Hybrids Project funded by the Millennium Account - Honduras and the Honduran Coffee Institute (IHCAFE), the “Millennium Challenge Account Laboratory” was inaugurated in La Fe Village, in Ilama, Santa Bárbara. It represents the largest and most modern laboratory in Central-America dedicated to in-vitro propagation by somatic embryogenesis.

These facilities are part of the eight million lempiras that the Millennium Account – Honduras, through its Agricultural Goods  Grant Facility,  is currently funding for the benefit of national coffee sector.

Plaque in the Millennium Account Laboratory thanking the people and Government of the United States of America.


Three F1 coffee hybrids (Coffea arabica), with superior characteristics in productivity, cup quality and disease resistance, are being reproduced through this innovative biotechnology project in order to multiply them for commercial purposes.


Somatic embryogenesis, the latest biotechnology alternative used by IHCAFE, allows for the massive multiplication of embryos from stem segments, leaves, flowers, roots or other plant cells.

The hybrids being reproduced are the “Centroamericano” for low and high lands, the “Milenio” for high lands and the “Casiopea” for strict high lands. This Millennium Account and IHCAFE project will increase productivity and income of men and women coffee growers in Honduras.

Coffee growers observe one of the tissue reproduction rooms in the Laboratory while cameramen take some shots..

In the Central-American region there are three modern laboratories for in-vitro propagation of coffee through somatic embryogenesis, one in Costa Rica, another in Nicaragua and the Millennium Account Laboratory in Honduras.

Mesa principal que presidió el evento.

The Millennium Account Laboratory will allow men and women growers to have improved coffee materials in a period of 8 to 10 years, without having to wait the 30 to 40 years of selection of the traditional process of coffee hybridization. With this modern laboratory, Honduras has state of the arts technology in the propagation of plants by means of tissue cultivation techniques.

The event was chaired by representatives of the Honduras and United States of America Governments, of the Millennium Account-Honduras and from IHCAFE, with the participation of the national coffee sector and the agricultural sector in general.





2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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