Socialization of the project of incentives for horticulture production with the organization of administrative entities

Mr. Carlos Aguilar Vice-Mayor of La Labor, explaining the support to be provided to the community by the Municipality

La Granadilla, La Labor, Ocotepeque.- In order to introduce the “Project of Incentives for Horticulture Production” an important meeting took place with the participation of 39 local residents – 9 women and 30 men-, all interested in the Project´s process and activities. 

During the meeting it was possible to obtain an unanimous acceptance for the Project, taking into consideration that in spite of the high productive potentiality of the area and the many project that have been started, none had proved to provide such benefits as the ones to be obtained through the Project of Incentives for Horticulture Production. 

One of the main objectives of the meeting was the organization of the Administrative Entity of the System, which will be responsible for guaranteeing the adequate implementation of the different phases of the project.  The election took place in a participatory, democratic and inclusive manner, promoting women participation in all decision-making processes.

As a result of this socialization process and named after the biological reserve located in the vicinities of the area where the agricultural activities will take place, the “Guisayote Agricultural Group” was organized .

Members of the Community of La Granadilla, during the election of their Administrative Entity.

Mr. Carlos Aguilar, Vice-Mayor of the Municipality of La Labor, in Ocotepeque, and members of the community thanked MCA-Honduras for the funding provided for the project, and also expressed their gratitude to Honduras Brotherhood Association, as the implementing agency, for giving them the opportunity to participate in this important activity. 



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