Farmers Start Efforts to Obtain Financing to Increase their

In the Western part of the Country

In an effort to open greater opportunities for the national agricultural sector, the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras has begun a process to collect data on the agricultural production in several communities of Western Honduras, and obtain through strategic alliances, the necessary funding to support production in that region.

The activities performed began by gathering information on the crops, exploring the farmers’ current reality, preparing investment plans and their corresponding production analysis. The information was collected directly in the field with all men and women producer currently participating in the Project and residing in the communities of San Juan, La Granadilla and Santa Ifigenia in the municipality of La Labor, La Cumbre en el Municipio de San Marcos and Las Toreras in the municipality of Dolores Merendón.


Technical staff of the Project of Incentive for Horticulture Production informing on the investment made on parcel irrigation and collect information to learn about productivity of the men and women project beneficiaries.

Collect information to learn about productivity of the men and women project beneficiaries.

In order to establish these strategic alliances, a co-investment agreement is being drawn with Fundación Jicatuyo that operates from Santa Rosa de Copán. The agreement includes a first formal request to assist 14 producers owning an equal number of hectares planted with potato in the community of La Cumbre, in the municipality of San Marcos.

The producers have been actively participating in the implementation of a program of staggered production that consists in weekly cycles for the delivery of 10.000 pounds of potato in the same period, starting the first week of August and ending in the last week of November of the current year. This program is being supported by Hortifruti as the buyer of the whole production.

The search for funding is an initiative of the Project of Incentive for Horticulture Production funded by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras and implemented by Honduras Brotherhood Association which is jointly committed with the producers on a fixed investment and on providing enough working capital to guarantee their roles as part of the production chain.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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