MCA-Honduras Resettlement Policy, one of the presentations included in the XV National Congress of Civil Engineering

Tegucigalpa M.D.C. - The XV National Congress of Civil Engineering, sponsored by the National Association of Civil Engineers, included in its agenda an interesting presentation on the resettlement plans and impact assessment studies developed during the implementation of the construction works to widen Highway CA-5 North, a project financed by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras and implemented by the firm ASP-Consultores.

Ricardo Figueroa of the consulting firm, presented details about the implementation of the resettlement policy and the significant changes it has brought to 204 families formerly living along 100 km of Highway CA-5, the main communication artery in the country, which is currently being enhanced with funding from the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation, through the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras.


Mr. Ricardo Figueroa explaining aspects of the Resettlement Policy implemented by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras.

Before and After the Resettlement Plans.

Resettlement has included proper facilities for housing and businesses, since most of the families being relocated are single-parent families headed by women, who have been dedicated to informal commerce along the highway and residing in small dwellings that, in the best cases, were constructed with adobe, other earthen materials or wood, and, in the most extreme situations, with branches and cardboards.

The new resettlement sites are organized into housing complexes called “colonias” which have incorporated adjacent business areas with basic services such as potable water, energy and solid waste systems. “We have introduced the necessary conditions to secure a better life for all these persons; we have built houses with comforts they previously lacked, as well as schools and sport recreation areas”, informed Mr. Figueroa.

By improving Highway CA-5, the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras is providing economic growth to the country, benefiting thousands of national and international business owners and travelers that use this important road everyday.

More than 1,500 persons will benefit from the implementation, for the first time in Honduras, of the Resettlement Policy applied as part the MCA-Honduras Transportation Project.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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