The Millennium Challenge Account - Honduras implementing a Successful Road Security Measure

As part of the security measures for the persons working in the widening and improvement of Highway CA-5, specifically in Section Rio del Hombre-Beginning of the Comayagua Valley, since May 2009 the services of an ambulance and its team of paramedics have been made available for emergency situations, as well as for the use of any of the drivers passing through this busy road every day.

The most frequent emergencies being assisted include cuts, pains, fractures, eyes and respiratory problems caused by dust and asphalt. It is common that, at the time of an accident, the road workers are not the ones to get the first aid assistance or to get transferred to the closest hospital.

Carlos Aguileta is the team leader of 20 paramedics tour the road 24 hours a day in different shifts, always attentive to any emergency call.


Carlos Aguileta is the team leader of 20 paramedics tour the road 24 hours a day in different shifts.

The medical attentions are provided to all persons traveling by the stretches under construction, and that are being financed by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras.

“I have been assisted twice for small discomforts, this is something excellent since they are available to provide assistance in any emergency", Said Leonel Sosa, responsible of the storage room.

“Excellent, quick attention, the service is free of charge. They assisted me for a small pain discomfort", mentioned Héctor Martínez, overseer.

“We have a first-rate team, certifying our job and making it possible to satisfactorily assist any person needing our help. It is a service… for the first time in Honduras there is an ambulance providing assistance during the construction of a road” expressed Carlos Aguileta, head of the paramedics.

To this date, more than 10 accidents have required the opportune medical assistance from this group of kindhearted men that provide aid to everyone that needs it, proudly representing their profession and the contractors they work for: M&S Santa Fe, and the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras.

“The workers assisted are monitored afterwards and, in the case of travelers, they are transferred to hospitals and normally we lose contact with them. We give our best and comply diligently with our job”, stated Aguileta.

In the United States and Guatemala, infrastructure work contractors of projects similar to Highway CA-5 North provide their employees with this service. In the case of Honduras, the new measure being implemented to benefit both employees and thousand of road users, constitute the contribution of a project that is not only committed to the quality if the works, but also to invest in people, guaranteeing security measures never implemented before in a national project.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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