In the Upgrading of Secondary roads
The Millennium Account-Honduras, working with efficiency

MCA-Honduras, local authorities, producers and private sector working together for Comayagua’s economic growth.

As of September 2009, paving works in the stretch Comayagua-Ajuterique-La Paz present a physical progress of 92.8%, indicating that it will be completed before the date specified in the contract. The new road will benefit annually 230 thousand persons and 275 thousand vehicle owners that use this route to connect with Highway CA-5 North, the main communication access artery in the country.

“We used to lose up to 40% of our harvest since the products were spoiled when they were delivered to our buyers; we are the main winners with this work”, said don Adalid Arauz, a producer of the area.

Farmers in this part of the country are involved in farming Oriental products such as mangalla, pepper, Chinese and Japanese eggplant, cucumber and cabbage, as well as papaya, onion, mango and corn.


Progress in the works of the stretch Comayagua- Ajuterique- La Paz.

Engineers of the Millennium Account verify the paving base of the road.

This road will reduce travel costs and will connect markets to generate economic growth in the Comayagua Valley.

As of September 2009, the stretch Comayagua-Ajuterique-La Paz showed a physical progress of 92.8%,

“This work leads to an economic boom since improvement in farming will further more investment. As the main beneficiaries, local farmers are motivated, not to mention ordinary citizens that now are easily transported. An example is that before traveling to Comayagua took 50 minutes, now they do that journey in 10 minutes” said Mario Palencia, Mayor of Ajuterique.

By investing in paving this road that showed a 54% yield, the purpose of the Millennium Account-Honduras is to reduce travel costs and to connect markets to create economic growth in the Comayagua Valley.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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