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Farmers are Diversifying their Crops

In order to generate greater opportunities for national agriculture, growers of traditional products are getting technical assistance to diversify their crops and to increase their income.

La Libertad, Comayagua, October 2.- The Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras continues promoting national horticulture production through the Integrated Production System Project (IPS), currently being implemented by Project Global Village in the Comayagua region. Twelve men and women producers from the municipality of Ojos de Agua are being assisted in planting 9.5 acres of the Alliance F1 sweet pepper variety.

“I’m happy to see my parcel planted with pepper and knowing that in a few days, in December, I will have the first the first harvest. I never thought that in my small lot I could farm something other than corn or beans.


Yunior Gabriel Rodríguez, a former subsistence grower of basic grains is now a sweet pepper producer.

The monthly demand of sweet pepper in Honduras totals 242.53 metric tons, which means an average production of 55,000 pounds per acre.

Parcel planted with Alliance F1 sweet pepper variety.

On his part, Ojos de Agua Project IPS Coordinator Rony Estrada indicated that sowing began on September 25yth, “In order to guarantee supplying our purchaser for several months and maintain a fixed price, we are staggering our planting every 15 days, trying not to harvest all at once”.

He also explained that according to a marketing strategy, the production will be placed through Project Global Village Marketing Department, in the main supermarkets and markets of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula.

“For more than three years, Project Global Village has been operating a marketing department. They have a wide experience in sales and a buyers network in all the country; we are going to take advantage of this benefit to place the Project farmers production and guarantee sales a fair price”, emphasized Estrada.

A study performed by Project IPS reflects that sweet pepper monthly demand in Honduras totals 242.53 metric tons, being necessary to guarantee an average production of 55,000 pounds per acre. The main markets for this pepper variety are Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula.

It is expected that by planting this 9.5 acres, it will be possible to obtain a yield of 60,000 pounds per acre, resulting in a harvest of 570,000 pounds of sweet pepper ready to be sold in local markets.

The Integrated Production System Project is benefiting 120 low-income men and women producers from the municipality of Ojos de Agua, Comayagua, who are getting assistance to improve their production and competitiveness by providing them with irrigation systems, technical support and access to the credit needed to finance their pepper, yucca and plantain crops


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