Enhancement and Widening Works of Highway CA-5 North Meet All Labor Safety Measures

About 1,500 construction employees working in the enhancement of different sections of the main communication artery in the country, are being protected with all safety measures required in this type of road works.

In all institutions and businesses, safety at work represents a basic issue for the welfare of every employee. It is for this reason that the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras and the group of the construction companies in charge of the enhancement and widening works of Highway CA-5 North, are using personal protection equipment according to the risk and area of work.

It is possible to see the workers along the highway wearing the minimum required equipment: reflective jackets, helmets, safety shoes, dust masks, earplugs and ear protectors, leather and rubber gloves, protective goggles and rain coats.


Workers wearing protection equipment, necessary to prevent accidents of Highway CA-5 North.

“I receive lectures on precautions to take into account while working on the road; I have also received a jacket, a helmet and a flag.”. Francisco Javier Paredes.

“We are getting a lot of training each weak, with recommendations on preventive measures to take into account while doing our job”. José Eduardo Domínguez, road safety supervisor for traffic.

But equipment is not all. For instance, in the case of Section 2, comprised from Rio del Hombre-Beginning of the Comayagua Valley, workers have ambulance services equipped with a crew to provide emergency medical assistance for the workers as well as for the drivers traveling daily through this road. In Sections 3 and 4, comprising Comayagua-Taulabé, workers receive weekly conferences by members of the national Firefighters Corp, on safety issues related to their work in the highway, first aid training, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), landslide rescue and use of first aid kits.

“I am receiving training on how to be safe on the road; it is being given continuously and they have given us a jacket, a helmet and a flag. This makes me feel safe since they show concern and are taking good care of us workers”, said Francisco Javier Paredes, who is working as a road flagger near Taulabé, in the municipality of Siguatepeque.

“We are getting a lot of training each weak, with recommendations on safety measures to take into account while doing our work. I have to oversee that the personnel uses the protection equipment provided for their work”, expressed José Eduardo Domínguez, road safety supervisor for traffic.

The goal is to implement this safety measures while establishing prevention and control mechanisms to react or to take appropriate action in the event of an emergency.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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