Thanks to MCA-Honduras Support, Farmers will Be Able to Access irrigation water all year round

Farmers of the area were formerly dedicated to seasonal crops; now, assisted with new technologies, they will be able to access irrigation water all year round.

La Libertad, Comayagua.- Through MCA-Honduras support, more tan 100 men and women producers from the municipality of Ojos de Agua, Comayagua, will now have access to irrigation water throughout the year; this has been possible thanks to works being executed in the area by Project Global Village, as part of the Integrated Production System Project funded by MCA-Honduras.

The Integrated Production System Project has installed more than 40 irrigation systems in the communities of Los Dos Ríos and Plan del Cerro; in the same way, water collection tanks, with a capacity of 40,000 gallons, have been built in each community.


Producers have been trained in the good use and management of irrigation systems.

The installation of irrigation systems is benefiting more than 100 low-income men and women farmers living in the municipality of Ojos de Agua, Comayagua.

Cruz Rivera Ríos, a beneficiary farmer.

Leopoldo Aguilar (FTDA technician) making a demonstration on how filters of the irrigation system have to be cleaned.

At the same time, two conduction systems or main distribution lines have been installed from the water source to the storage tanks in both communities.

These irrigation systems will benefit tens of low-income men and women farmers who, due to the absence of this type of technologies, were formerly dedicated to seasonal basic grains production as a form of subsistence farming. Now, thanks to MCA-Honduras support, they will be able to diversify their crops and compete with quality in the national market.

“I’m happy, thanks to the irrigation system that has been installed in my parcel, I’m going to sow all year round, even during the dry season; I’m grateful for all the support MCA-Honduras has provided for me and my partners”. Said Cruz Rivera Ríos, a beneficiary producer.

In order to guarantee good use of this technology and strengthen the technical support in all the Project’s phases, the Integrated Production System Project signed a technical assistance agreement with the implementing agency of the Farmers Training and Development Activity (MCA-H/FTDA).

Supported by the Project’s specialists, Leopoldo Aguilar, a technician assigned by MCA-H/FTDA, is training men and women producers about the correct use and management of irrigation systems in their parcels.

By implementing irrigation systems, technical assistance and access to credit to finance crops, the Integrated Production System is a Project financed by MCA-Honduras and aimed at improving the living conditions of approximately 120 farmers of the municipalities of Ojos de Agua and La Libertad, in the Comayagua Department.


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