Transparency in Procurement Process of the Hydro-energetic Horticulture Project

The Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations (FAO), as the implementing agency of the Hydro-Energetic Horticulture Project financed by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras, has started the procurement process for materials, equipment and services for the construction of three irrigation systems for the communities of Moquencagua, Togopala Centro, Togopala Dulce Nombre and Togopala Candelaria in Intibucá, and Mezcalito A and Mezcalito B in the municipality of Marcala, El Caracol and San Martin in La Paz Department.

The bidding process is being carried out according to engineering designs that include a topographic survey, the design of conduction lines and the definition of the capacity for the water storage tanks.


Visits to potential suppliers of hydro-irrigation equipment.

Staff of the Hydro-energetic Horticulture Project in charge of the procurement process.

The equipment to be procured includes: hydro-energetic pumps with a capacity to raise water 60 to 80 meters from the main source to the storage site; it also includes a modular reservoirs equipped with geomembranes as waterproof elements and having a storage capacity of 150 m3; a drip irrigation system capable of covering areas of 2,500 m2; piping and accessories of different diameters and specifications.

On the other hand, the procedure considers the selection of qualified labor to install the irrigation systems.

Through the Hydro-Energetic Horticulture Project, MCA-Honduras and FAO are contributing to the economic growth of 200 producers from the Intibucá and La Paz departments.

Although the invitation for the procurement process has national coverage, it establishes priorities for firms operating in the municipalities of La Esperanza and La Paz in order to boost up local economies and improve competitiveness.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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