The Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras
Contributing to reduce environmental impacts in Highway CA-5 North

Environmental impact is understood as the effect produced to the various aspects of the environment by a specific human action. For this reason, the Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras responds to an Environmental Management Plan that includes preventive and corrective actions to mitigate, amend and compensate damages caused by the widening and enhancement works in Highway CA-5, the main communication artery in the country.

To this date, it has been possible for contractors to comply with their environmental responsibilities in all aspects related to air, soil, forest water, security, biodiversity and hygiene.

In each tranche or highway segment there is an environmental supervisor in charge of overseeing that contractors comply with all contents of the Environmental Management Plan. For example, all construction personnel, residents of the area and visitors are instructed against extracting all sorts of flora and fauna species.


Damage to neighboring forests is being reduced in construction sites.

The Millennium Challenge is dutifully complying with the Environmental Management Plan.

On going works for the widening and enhancement of Highway CA-5 are being carefully executed in order to cause the least possible damage to forest and local fauna.

There are also regulations against employing local wood or vegetative material in the construction of scaffolding, underpinning (temporary structures used as support), formworks and other type of structures. Nonetheless, in case of needing trees to obtain the wood, it is necessary to comply with specific thinning and pruning criteria.

MCA-Honduras Transportation Project is making efforts to secure economic growth sustainability in Honduras.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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