“Field Day “ in Millennium Settlements of Highway CA-5 North.

The re-launching of the small businesses, located at Millennium Settlements of Las Mandarinas and Pozo Azul in Highway CA-5 North, took place as part of a Field Day Celebration. C

The field day took place on December 19th, 2009, and was oriented to promote, among others, goods such as handicrafts, honey, sugar cane sweets, products of veneer stone and limestone

The Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras is aimed at encouraging economic growth with social responsibility in Honduras, providing assistance for 173 families living alongside Highway CA-5 North that have been benefited by the implementation of a Resettlement Policy oriented to restore and improve the living conditions of the population relocated in the Millennium settlements.


Business owners and special invitees.

Several businesses at the Millennium settlements are offering local manufactured goods.

“This type of activities are necessary to motivate residents; said Guillermo Martínez, former Siguatepeque Mayor.

It is through the Honduran Foundation for Integral Community Development (FUNDICOMUN for its Spanish acronym) that the Program is now seeking to reactivate and strengthen the economy of families that own business stands alongside the highway.

Among attendees to the businesses re-launching were Siguatepeque’s former mayor, Mr. Guillermo Martínez, and Mr. Nicolás Alvarado, representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Siguatepeque.

During the field day it was also possible to introduce the products to potential buyers and to establish contact with other entities of the marketing chain.

“This type of activities are necessary to motivate residents; it is a mechanism to develop competitiveness for this small businesses and for the products being marketed by the families”, said Guillermo Martínez, former Siguatepeque Mayor.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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