Completion of Paving of the Sonaguera – el Coco Detour

Aguan Valley, February 2010.- “Here everyone is talking about the great success of Sonaguera’s fantastic road” comments David Araque, a resident of the Honduran northern coast, benefited with the completion of the paving works of the road Sonaguera-El Coco Detour.

The works represent and investment of 171 million lempiras, and have included activities such as legalization of the right of way, sub-grade improvement, lifting of the grading to road level, minor and major drainage improvement, pavement structure (base and sub-base), vertical and horizontal road signage.

MCA-Honduras staff, headed by Martin Ochoa, the Program´s General Director, traveled to Sonaguera in the Colon Department to verify, according to contract specifications, the completion of 26.6 km of paving.


Before and after completion of works for the Sonaguera- El Coco Detour Road.

Martín Ochoa, General Director of the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras, meeting with the team of engineers in charge of the paving works for the Sonaguera-El Coco Detour Road.

The upgrading of this secondary road is critical to provide easier mobilization of persons and goods in order to boost up commercial activity in Puerto Castilla. Additionally, this road will represent an alternate non-floodable route, allowing transportation of products to regional markets all year round, and improving access to rural communities of the municipalities of Jutiapa in Atlántida; Sonaguera, Tocoa, Trujillo, Balfate, Santa Fe, Bonito Oriental, Limón and Sabá in Colón; and, Olanchito in Yoro.

With this Project, the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras is currently benefiting 150,000 local residents, creating greater opportunities for national agriculture and establishing market links to generate economic growth in the Aguan Valley.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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