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Producers from Corralitos, in Comayagua, prepare the land for their Plantain and Cassava Crops

La Libertad, Comayagua. In the community of Corralitos, Ojos de Agua, in the Comayagua department, a group of approximately ten beneficiary of the Integrated Production System Project have initiated land preparation works for the next planting season to begin by the end of March.

In order to start planting, Lorenzo Flores, president of the “New Land” organized group, said that with MCA-Honduras support, and funding through the Integrated Production System Project (IPS) implemented by Project Global Village in the area, they expect to prepare six acres of land in less than a month period


The terrains currently being prepared for sowing has been previously used for pasture land.

The mechanization of the sowing area is one of the activities included in the soil preparation process.

Producers also strive to finish the 40,000-gallon water tank to irrigate their parcels.

Due to current land conditions, Trinidad Flores, Coordinator of the Project “For a Better Future”, informed that producers have been working in the training plan, basically in issues regarding land use and techniques to improve their harvests.

Since, for a long time, the area was used for pasture land or for cattle ranching purposes, producers in the region were not able to farm both to the lack of land and because most of them only have use rights on land suitable for farming.

“Our producers have built their experience only on basic grains production, but thanks to financial support from MCA-Honduras, and in order to improve local income, the agricultural activity is being diversified”, expressed the Program Coordinator, also announcing that “we are in the process to start planting the Curare-Dwarf plantain variety and the Valencia cassava variety”, both products are specifically destined for commercialization.

According to Rony Estrada, IPS Coordinator, “this group already counts with a production strategy for those crops (cassava and plantain); they will receive the technical assistance and marketing tools designed for the commercialization strategy implemented in other communities that are already cultivating these products, and receiving technical assistance from the Project”, he added.

He also indicated that the group already operates a drip irrigation system fed by a 40,000-gallon water tank and a Farmers Marketing Center.

Mr. Estrada emphasized that the production area “also include women, who in a significant number are used to work the land and make part of the productive development chain, being very responsible when acquiring credit commitments”.

The Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras is generating greater opportunities in the benefit of national agriculture.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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