Through the Project of Incentives for Horticulture Production.
Installation of Irrigation Systems for Seven Communities in Ocotepeque has begun

In order to generate greater opportunities for local agriculture, the Project of Incentive for Horticulture Production, financed by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras (MCA-Honduras) and implemented by the Honduras Brotherhood Association (Asociación Hermandad de Honduras in Spanish), is currently in the process of installing 115 acres of pressurized irrigation systems for seven communities in three municipalities of the Ocotepeque department.

The communities benefited with this irrigation systems are Santa Efigenia, San Juan and La Granadilla in the municipality of La Labor; Toreras and San Jerónimo in the municipality of Dolores Merendón; San Francisco in the municipality of San Francisco del Valle, and La Cumbre del Jaralón in the municipality of San Marcos; all of them are located in the Ocotepeque department.


Beneficiaries from the Community of Santa Efigenia in the Municipality of La Labor, digging culverts to install irrigation systems.

Main conducting line for the irrigation system of the community of San Juan, to benefit 55 families.

Secondary line in the Community of San Juan, La Labor Ocotepeque.

Secondary line in the community of Santa Efigenia, La Labor Ocotepeque, which will benefit the families of 35 horticulture producers.

These community irrigation systems comprise approximately 46,000 m. of high pressure PVC piping, with diameters from 6” to 2”, and they are being located inside the parcels of the 200 men and women Project beneficiaries from these communities.

The participation of men and women beneficiaries in several Project activities include hard days of work in which they have installed the irrigation systems to benefit 55 families in San Juan and 35 families in Santa Efigenia, where residents will be irrigating 35 hectares cultivated with high value horticulture crops.

In order to finish the installation of 17,500 m. of PVC piping, Project beneficiaries have contributed with 1,780 days of work. The in kind contribution from the community has comprised digging out culvert trenches and installing piping, representing an investment of 142,400 lempiras.

MCA-Honduras financing for the Project of Incentives for Horticulture Production is directly benefiting 200 families of small horticulture producers from the upper area of the Sensenty Valley Micro-Region in Western Honduras. The area presents high productive potentiality, but at present it shows low-technology levels and high poverty concentration and it is for this reason that, by providing assistance for these producers, the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras is seeking to promote local economic growth.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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