Inauguration of “Safe Summer 2010” Held at Millennium Settlement

Millennium Settlements of Highway CA-5 North Will Be Promoted Through This Campaign. Millennium Settlements of Highway CA-5 North Will Be Promoted Through This Campaign. Millennium Settlements of Highway CA-5 North Will Be Promoted Through This Campaign.

Zambrano, Francisco Morazán, March 2010._ On behalf of the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras, Carlos Mondragón presided with the Minister of Public Works, Transportation and Housing, Mr. Miguel Pastor, the inauguration of the “Safe Summer 2010” campaign, aimed at preventing accidents and providing assistance and security to travelers during this summer vacation season.

In order to promote 13 Millennium Settlements located alongside Highway CA-5 North, the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras has helped to organize them as rest stations for the travelers using the highway.


Carlos Mondragón, Environmental and Social Director of the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras during his speech.

Reina Rivera conduction a prayer during the act presided by the Minister of Public Works, Transportation and Housing, Miguel Pastor.

These signs can be seen alongside Highway CA-5 North before arriving to the rest stations.

Invitees and media members that attended the inauguration of the “Safe Summer 2010” campaign.

“We are working hard and ready to give our best. Thanks to the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras we are able to be here, and hope to make many customers happy in order to have them back after the summer season; we want to make a good impression as persons and also about our installations”, says Reina Margarita Rivera, a resident of Colonia Milenio Zambrano (Zambrano Millennium Settlement).

During his speech, Carlos Mondragón of MCA-Honduras, expressed “The Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras is jointly working with SOPTRAVI in organizing the Millennium Settlements as Rest Stations. We have developed a social responsible process in which persons that were resettled as a result of construction works, now have new homes and businesses; they have been relocated and their living conditions have improved”.

“By reducing accidents, our goal is to guarantee a happy holiday for travelers. We thank the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras for having enable a two lane section in the segments under construction, in order to facilitate traffic flow”, said Miguel Pastor, Minister of

The rest stations for travelers on Highway CA-5 North are the settlements located at Zambrano, La Pirámide, Rancho Alegre, Los Higuitos, Pumas, Puente en Curva, Pozo Azul, Las Mandarinas, Los Frutales, El Carrizal, La Misión, Rancho Alegre and Taulabé. Travelers will be able to by handicrafts, pottery, honey, fruits of the season, soft drinks, candy, food and other products.

Attendees to the event included Rodolfo Robelo, Vice-minister of Public Works; Mr. Blas Ramos, Transportation General Director; Walter Moncada, General Director of Highways, and José Enrique Hernández, Brigade General of the Honduran Armed Forces.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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