The Millennium Challenge Account- Honduras
Generating Opportunities for the Agricultural Sector in Western Honduras

La Unión, Copán.- Within the framework of the Project of Competitiveness for Men and Women Horticulture Producers, financed by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras and implemented by the PILARH Association, Jonathan Brooks, MCC Country Director in Honduras, recently inaugurated five irrigation systems installed by the organized farmers groups “Fuentes de Erapuca” and “Productores al Desarrollo”, which are directly benefiting 130 men and women farmers and their families, in three municipalities of the Copán and Lempira Departments.

On behalf of the U.S. Government, Jonathan Brooks expressed: “I’m pleased for the work done while implementing these irrigation systems, and I’d like to encourage you to take care of these investments and to continue on your own; we have created the foundations based on your hard work and I’m hopeful that based on your attitude to overcome hardships, the communities will keep growing and achieving good results”, said the official.


Jonathan Brooks, Director for Honduras of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, during the inauguration of the five irrigation systems installed in Copán and Lempira, accompanied by Margarita García.

Beneficiaries of the Competitiveness for Men and Women Horticulture Producers Project during the inauguration of the irrigation systems.

Daisy Ávila, Rural Development Director of the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras.

Cruz Martinez, beneficiary of the community Jurtao, Erandique, Lempira, the time to thank the support of the Millennium Challenge Account.

The five irrigation systems being inaugurated will directly benefit 130 families dedicated to horticulture production in Western Honduras.

Margarita García, Director of PILARH, thanked the support granted by local governments and encouraged them to continue contributing to the economic development of their communities.

On the other hand, Daisy Avila, MCA-Honduras Rural Development Director, emphasized the importance of keep working to achieve reach markets, “we are confident that the projects generated through the MCA-Honduras rural development initiatives will contribute significantly to develop commercial and sustainable agriculture in our country, in order to satisfy the increasing national and international market demand, applying new technologies to allow a better use of resources, and procuring the increase of benefits and income for the producers’ families”.

The implementation of this Project has also provided strengthening for the organizational, business and self-management capabilities of men and women producers in zones that, based on soil and climate conditions, are suitable for horticulture production, specially for crops such as onion, pea beans, potato, cabbage, carrot, tomato, cauliflower and broccoli.

The Project is benefiting five communities with irrigation systems in the municipalities of San Andrés and Erandique in the Lempira Department, and La Union in the Copan Department, all located in Western Honduras.

Local governments have played a protagonist role during the Project’s implementation, adding up their efforts in all process regarding municipal development; committing themselves to preserve the water sources and to protect the irrigation systems being installed. This commitment is in compliance with the Environmental Mitigation Plans implemented by the communities.

The investment made by MCA-Honduras represents about 6.7 million lempiras and is addressed to support horticulture production and commercialization in order to increase in 30% the beneficiaries’ household income derived from agriculture activities. It is also aimed at protecting water sources and natural resources employed in obtaining such increased.

Through this investments, the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras is complying with objectives to create better opportunities for national agricultural, potentiating the country’s most productive zones, providing technical assistance support for the producers, as well as establishing market links to obtain more profits for the farms, and facilitating credit access and funding availability to reinvest in the parcels.

Attendees to the event included Manuel de Jesús García, Vice-Mayor of La Unión in the Copan Department; Abelardo Díaz, Mayor of Erandique, Lempira; Juan Miguel Perez from MCA-Honduras; Margarita García, Director of the PILARH Association; Mario René Moradel, Competitiveness for Men and Women Horticulture Producers Project Coordinator; and, members of the 130 families directly benefited by the irrigation systems installed in the different communities.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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