Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras
Connecting communities in the country`s central zone

Ajuterique, Comayagua. “We usually lost up to 40% of our production, because the products were damaged when delivered to our buyers, we are the main winners with this project”, expressed Adalid Arauz, a producer from the Comayagua Valley who is benefiting from the improvement of the Comayagua-Ajuterique-Lejamaní-La Paz highway.

In addition to the paving of 18.3 km. of the main highway, MCA-Honduras is currently placing 2.3 km. of cobblestone in the road connecting the municipalities of Ajuterique and Lejamaní, which will facilitate the mobilization of vehicles, produce, and people.

The completion of this additional project is expected for August. The work includes curbs and gutters, sidewalks, horizontal and vertical signaling, speed reducers and bus stations.


With this project, the people of Ajuterique and Lejamaní will soon have a better road.

The segment between Ajuterique and Lejamaní, before works began.

View of the cobblestones used in the works.

“This is excellent…this is a work of great value because our produce will no longer be damaged and will be delivered with better quality, it will save us time and fuel, and the vehicles will not be damaged; I am very happy because this project brings development to my community” said Amilcar Maldonado, a producer from the community of Los Carreros, in Ajuterique, department of Comayagua.

The Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras, through its Transportation Project, is leaving the Comayagua Valley a highway in excellent conditions, which will reduce transportation costs and will connect markets for the generation of economic growth in Honduras.

It is important to point out that the paving of this segment is part of the improvement works in the Comayagua-Ajuterique-La Paz road, and has a cost of US$8.2 million. This infrastructure project is currently benefiting 230 thousand inhabitants and 275 thousand vehicles that transit this road every year, connecting them to the country`s main highway, the CA-5 North highway.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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