Producers in Ojos de Agua, Comayagua, Have Modern Irrigation system

Ojos de Agua, Comayagua.- Beneficiary producers of the Integrated Production System Project, financed by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras and Implemented by Project Global Village in the community of Corralitos, Ojos de Agua in the Comayagua Department, have already installed a modern irrigation system that includes a main connecting line, a 40,000 gallon tank for water storage, and a drip irrigation system covering more than 12,000 acres planted with plantain and cassava crops.

The Project is aimed at improving agriculture production in this part of the country and at increasing income for men and women producers. The process being implemented involves collecting part of the water from the Agua Caliente creek - located in the upper part of the village-, and conducting it through the distribution pipes to the water storage tank, for a permanent and balanced use in the ferti-irrigation of their parcels to simultaneously fertilize and irrigate the land.


The irrigation system has been completely installed to start the ferti-irrigation process in the parcels.

The water tank in Corralitos has a storage capacity of 40,000 gallons.

The main connecting line to conduct water to the tank was installed at Agua Caliente Creek.

Beneficiary producers have contributed with their own work to install the piping.

“This is a Project of the utmost importance for us as Project beneficiaries. We hope to transform this area into a greatly productive zone; but, in order to attain this, it is necessary to guarantee water availability and to have modern irrigation systems to increase our plantain and cassava production”,

Investments in the irrigation systems (main connecting line and piping) comprise 20,000 dollars, corresponding to 378,000 lempiras. Trinidad Flores, the Project Manager, highlighted the support provided by the Millennium Challenge Account to accomplish the works, and emphasized the in-kind contribution in labor made by the beneficiaries to build the tank.

“For us, it is a dream come true; for years we have suffer from lack of water during the dry seasons, and due to the absence of financing, the installation of a drip irrigation system… was impossible. Now we are happy because we’ll be improving our production and benefiting from water that was previously wasted”, stated Desiderio Caballero, President of the Tierra Nueva Group, and one of the 120 producers being benefited with the irrigation system.

The drip irrigation system is highly efficient, even in terrains presenting irregular topographies, or in those with limited water resources. It also presents advantages in soil preparation, since it does not require special or complicated procedures and represents a technology aimed at promoting higher productivity rates and environmental care.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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