With support from the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras
Farmers diversify their crop fields

Ojos de Agua, Comayagua.- Cruz Rivera, a beneficiary producer of the Integrated Production System Project (IPS), financed by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras, and executed by Project Global Village in the community of Los Dos Ríos, municipality of Ojos de Agua, Comayagua, has diversified his crops by planting half an acre of cucumber in his field.

“The idea is to diversify the fields with production scaling, taking advantage of the field´s existing conditions, since it was previously planted with bell peppers. We continue to offer technical assistance, and in addition to this is the knowledge acquired by the producer in high profit crops, especially cucumber”, expressed Lorenzo Donaire, project technician.

The farmer´s field has its beds with plastic covers and the irrigation system installed from its previous bell pepper crop, which reduces costs for this cucumber crop and offers more options for production success.


Cruz Rivera´s field has the necessary preparations for cucumber cultivation.

The cucumber field is fully assisted by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras, through the Integrated Production System Project.

More than 200 quintals will be harvested in Cruz Rivera´s field

On the commercialization of this product, and after doing the corresponding market research, there is a nationwide demand of cucumber, which guarantees a short term profitability margin. The Project has provided cucumber to several important supermarket chains in the country, such as Supermarkets La Colonia, Hortifruti, and Del Corral, as well as local and regional markets, which guarantees commercial opening to new horticultural producers.

“I am still taking advantage of the opportunities presented to learn about crop cultivation, I am attentive to everything the technician indicates for the treatment of cucumber…Besides knowing about bell pepper and plantain, I now know cucumber cultivation”, says Cruz Rivera.

More than two hundred quintals of cucumber are expected to be harvested in Cruz Rivera´s field, who also has planted half an acre of plantain, which will be ready to harvest in August. For the plantain crop he receives all the necessary technical assistance from the IPS and the Farmer Training and Development Program, MCA-H/FTDA, fulfilling the Millennium Challenge Account´s objective of creating better opportunities for national agriculture.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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