Vice President of the MCC describes the projects of the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras as “successful”

Patrick Fine, Vice President for Compact Implementation of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) of the United States of America, visited the country to know more about various projects that are being executed by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras.

During his visit, Mr. Fine visited several areas of the country where he learned about some projects funded by the MCC, for the Millennium Challenge Account - Honduras. “I’m in Honduras because I wanted to meet a team that performs a great job, I want to see an example of a successful program …” expressed Mr.Fine.


Patrick Fine knew first-hand how the farmers` logs of MCA-H/FTDA function.

The Vice Presidente of the MCC, Patrick Fine, shared with beneficiary farmers of MCA-H/FTDA.

Patrick Fine observes somatic embryos in their regeneration and development stage of coffee hybrids reproduced in the laboratory.

Patrick Fine, with the retinue of MCC and some producers, makes a tour through the pumping station in the municipality of Monquecagua, department of Intibuca.

The visited Projects were Hydro energetic Horticulture, an innovative hydro energetic Project being executed in the department of Intibuca; Coffee Hybrids Laboratory in Santa Barbara; and Biologic Control in Zamorano.

He also learned the successful experiences from farmers who have benefited from technical assistance, training, market contacts, and agricultural infrastructure of the Farmer Training and Development Program MCA-H/FTDA, in the department of El Paraiso.

He verified the expansion of the CA-5 North Highway, the improvement of rural roads and the Millennium Settlements that have been built within the framework of the Resettlement Policy implementation, where people who lived in the right of way in the CA-5 North Highway have been relocated.

The Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras aims to reduce transportation costs between production centers and national, regional, and global markets, as well as increasing productivity and commercial skills of farmers with small and medium sized farms.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation currently finances 19 Millennium Accounts around the world, thus reducing poverty through economic growth of families, communities, and countries. The Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras, whose execution with MCC Funds ends in September of this year, was the second compact to be signed worldwide.

During his visits, the Vice President was accompanied by Jonathan Brooks, John Polk and Carol Elwin, representatives of the Millennium Challenge Corporation in Honduras; Martín Ochoa, Esther Alemán, Carlos Mondragon, Walter Palencia and Luis García of the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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