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Seven kms. Of road are improved in Plan del Cerro, Ojos de Agua, Comayagua

The segment will benefit more tan 600 people from the municipality of Ojos de Agua, in the department of Comayagua.

Ojos de Agua, Comayagua.- With funding from the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras, a total of seven Kms. of road have been improved, in the segment that connects the municipality of Ojos de Agua with Plan del Cerro, a community where the Integrated Production System is being implemented, which is being financed also by the Millennium Challenge Account and executed by Global Village.

The main objective for improving this road is to expand the access of farms that are coordinated by the Project to regional and national markets. During the month of August, a total of 8 hectares of plantain will be harvested in the area, as part of the activities of the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras to generate better opportunities for national agriculture.


Seven kilometers of the segment Plan del Cerro-Ojos de Agua have been improved by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras, with an investment of more than 2.1 million Lempiras.

The road improvement will mainly beneficiate the community of Plan del Cerro.

The road improvement will mainly beneficiate the community of Plan del Cerro.

The Works have included reforestation of the area along the road, as a mitigation measure.

The Project generated several direct jobs, by hiring people from the community.

Drainage structures were installed, such as flood trenches and concrete pipes, and head ends and outlets were manufactured to ensure the project’s durability.

“To improve this segment, several works have been done, such as mechanization, select material filling, installation of drainage structures such as flood trenches and concrete pipes, as well as the manufacture of head ends and outlets” said Pablo González, road project Coordinator. This Project has also created around 30 new jobs among the residents of Plan del Cerro, who are working in the construction of drainage structures, cleaning of gutters, hauling of materials such as sand, stone, and others, which gives them the opportunity of improving their economy during the duration of the project, and later on during the plantain harvest by working on picking and transporting the produce to the Farmer´s Market Center, which is part of the Integrated Production System Project.

The improvement of this road segment is made possible through the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras, the Municipality of Ojos de Agua and Global Village, with an investment of more than 2.1 million Lempiras.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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