Millennium Account - Honduras
Creating opportunities for Ocotepeque farmers

San Francisco del Valle, Ocotepeque.- The Millennium Account- Honduras authorities together with the municipal majors inaugurated seven Local Marketing Centers (CLAC, in Spanish) and the same number of Irrigation Systems in the framework of the event where the outcomes of the Horticulture Production Incentive Project were presented. This Project was funded by the Millennium Account - Honduras and implemented by Asociación Hermandad de Honduras in the department of Ocotepeque in the Western region of Honduras.

Joint investment between the Millennium Account - Honduras, Hermandad de Honduras, the Municipal Corporations, and the beneficiaries, is more than 23 million Lempira, which directly supports the economic and sustainable development of 200 farmers' families which producing horticulture products in the Project's influence zone.


Wilmer Sánchez from the Millennium Account together with Jesús Pineda from Hermandad during the symbolic act to inaugurate the infrastructure.

Project Beneficiaries attending the inauguration ceremony.

Seven marketing centers, seven irrigation systems and a regional marketing center were also inaugurated during the presentation of outcomes.

Majors from beneficiary Municipalities together with the beneficiaries.

Part of the Project's productive infrastructure that benefits 200 horticulture farmers' families from Ocotepeque.

The beneficiary communities are: La Cumbre del Jaralón in the municipality of San Marcos; Santa Efigenia, San Juan and La Granadilla in the municipality of La Labor; and, Toreras and San Jeronimo in the municipality of Dolores Merendón, in the Department of Ocotepeque.

“San Francisco del Valle, is celebrating today, we are very thankful to the Millennium Account Program and the funds from the United States that came to help us" said Armando Madrid, Major of San Francisco del Valle, Ocotepeque.

He indicated that all the funds from this investment have reached the municipality in the appropriate manner and, in turn he committed Project beneficiary farmers to care for the investment made "the majors and beneficiary groups commit today to care for this gift given to us" said the officer.

The incentive for Horticulture production is focused on providing producers agriculture and commercial infrastructure to facilitate their access and rational use of water, by installing highly efficient irrigation systems and improving the marketing process with the establishment of Local Centers for Storage and Marketing, and building a Regional Commercialization Center, while training these farmers on good practices in their parcels with technologies that will assure them access to markets with more profitable crops.

During his participation, Jesus Alonzo Pined, The General Director of Hermandad de Honduras, explained to the farmers that this process is just beginning, "we are aware of the commitment we have as institution to work together with you to reduce poverty through economic growth, as indicated by the Millennium Account Slogan, today we must continue working to achieve success...our thanks to the Millennium Account for this support"

With the funding from this Project, the Millennium Account-Honduras fulfills its goal of creating more opportunities for the national agriculture sector by strengthening the most productive zones of the country and supporting farmers with technical assistance and access to markets which make their farms more profitable.

The inauguration ceremony was lead by Wilmer Sánchez, representing the Millennium Account-Honduras; Jesús Alonso Pineda, from the Hermandad de Honduras Association, and the majors of the municipalities of San Francisco del Valle, La Labor and Dolores Merendón.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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