President of the Millennium Challenge Corporation visited millennium settlement “Las Mandarinas”

During his visit to the different investments made by the Millennium Challenge Corporation, Daniel Yohannes, President of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, visited the Millennium Settlement “Las Mandarinas”, where he spoke with the beneficiaries of the Resettlement Plans, and heard various success stories of how their lives have improved with the new housing and businesses.

The Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras built 19 Millennium Settlements, where around 1,200 people were resettled as part of the Resettlement Plans due to the expansion of the CA-5 North Highway, maintaining or improving their way of life.

A total of 200 families were relocated, of which 113 are led by women, “We are very grateful with the Millennium Challenge Account, we used to suffer at night because we had no electricity and had to use candles. My children and I are very happy because we now have electricity and good water”, expressed Ms. Juana del Cid, a beneficiary of the Resettlement Plans of the Millennium Challenge Account.

Juana used to have an adobe house, now she has a house built with concrete blocks and floor, and zinc roof, and has potable water and electricity service.


The President of the Millennium Challenge Corporation made a tour of homes and business in the company of all the beneficiaries of the Millennium Settlement “Las Mandarinas”.

Martin Ochoa, Daniel Yohannes and Miguel Pastor during the tour of commercial premises.

Mr. Yohannes received a traditional gift from the beneficiaries.

Officials from the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras also received gifts.

Millennium Settlement “Las Mandarinas”, located at the edge of the CA-5 North Highway.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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