Millennium Challenge Corporation president inaugurates CA5-North highway segment

Siguatepeque, Comayagua.- Mr. Daniel Yohannes, President of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, along with government authorities and representatives of the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras, presided over the inauguration acts of the CA5-North Highway final segment, connecting Comayagua Valley, Siguatepeque, and Taulabé.

The expansion of the country’s main highway benefits 4.3 million owners and/or drivers of vehicles per year, having an average daily traffic of 11,600 automobiles. The investment amounts to more than US$119.9 million, which are donation funds from the Millennium Challenge Corporation.


This i show the new boulevard in the city of Siguatepeque looks, which is a part of the Final Segment of the Comayagua Valley-Siguatepeque-Taulabé CA5-North Highway.

Daniel Yohannes with Eduardo Oseguera, Mayor of Siguatepeque, and the Sceretary of SOPTRAVI, Miguel Pastor.

Guillermo Martínez, ex-Mayor of Siguatepeque, who also participated in the inauguration acts, presented Mr. Yohannes a portrait, on behalf of a grateful city.

Eduardo Oseguera, Mayor of Siguatepeque, with Martin Ochoa, Executive Director of the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras.

The city of Siguatepeque is located north of the Montecillos Mountains, in Honduras’s central plateau, between the country’s two main cities, Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. In this location, the improvement of this road segment will benefit more than 80,000 inhabitants, being direct beneficiaries the owners and employees of businesses, souvenirs, restaurants, shopping centers, workshops, hotels, and plant nurseries.

The execution of this monumental Project includes benefiting 1,200 people that lived in the right of way, and whose families (200), were resettled in 19 Millennium Settlements. The improvement of highway CA5-North, and the complex implementation of the resettlement plans using social responsibility, has caused a modernization in government processes and procedures, expediting them in order to achieve the Millennium Challenge Account’s goals, during the time period established in the Agreement.

The inauguration acts were headed also by Eduardo Oseguera, Mayor of Siguatepeque, and the city’s civil society representatives.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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