With the Millennium Account Grant
Farmers in Ajuterique obtain access to irrigation for their crops

Ajuterique, Comayagua.- A driller truck for irrigation system wells is currently operating in the agriculture zone of the Comayagua Valley, as part of the support the Millennium Account - Honduras left for horticulture farmers (male and female) in different communities of the country.

The well driller truck was donated by the Millennium Account as part of the Agreement signed between the Millennium Account - Honduras and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG, in Spanish) in association with FUNDER. The aim was to facilitate the installation of irrigation systems in the farms of male and female farmers who participated in the Farmer Training and Development Program MCA-H/FTDA, and in general, for the benefit of horticulture farmers with farms meeting the requirements to drill a well.


Marco Bogran, Acting Executive Director of MCA, supervising the drilling.

The machine donated by the Millennium Challenge Account has a drilling depth capability of 100 meters and can drill up to two holes per day.

Workers drilling show the type of soil extracted by the machine.

Daisy Avila, Director of Rural Development Project, noting the types of soil removed during the drilling.

The services of this modern machinery will cover 16 out of the 18 departments of Honduras. The farmers applying to this service shall own individually or in association with other farmers up to 20 hectares of high value commercial crops and have market links.

The Acting Executive Director of the Millennium Account, Marco Bogran, carried out an inspection in the works being performed by the driller truck in the municipality of Ajuterique, where the MCA-H/FTDA producers farms are located.

During his visit, the officer and the Millennium Challenge Account Director of the Rural Development Project, Daisy Avila, were able to verify the progress made in the drilling and they met the technicians, and learned about the different types of soils that are emerging during the drilling process.

It has been estimated that the trucks will drill 147 wells in the beneficiary farms with an estimated area of 720 hectares, which responds to 80 percent of the actual demand of wells in the country.

From the fourth quarter of 2010 to 2014, the experience generated from the drilling will allow improving both the efficiency and productivity of the team, which is closely related to the drilling times, the level of coordination with the beneficiary producers and the quality of the maintenance given to the equipment.

The machine donated by the Millennium Challenge Account has a drilling depth capability of 100 meters and can drill up to two wells per day.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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