The MCA-H/FTDA program closes-up operations in December 2010 and achieves its goals

The Farmer Training and Development Program's (MCA-H/FTDA) approach has been to provide direct training and technical assistance to the beneficiary farmers throughout 16 of the 18 departments of Honduras, since its inception in August 2006; and after 50 months of uninterrupted training until November 2010, the program records reported 7.264 producers (6, 681 men and 583 women), receiving technical assistance in the production and marketing of high value crops.

Among the specific activities outlined in the contract signed between FINTRAC, the company responsible for the FTDA program implementation and the Millennium Account - Honduras, can be highlighted the identification and development of markets to sell the products, selection of the of farmers and their farm plots, the development of agribusiness skills, facilitating access to credit, the development of skills for production and post-harvest, as well as ensuring the sustainability of the services and the use of environmentally friendly practices, aims that resulted in the increase rural incomes and employment opportunities.


7.264 producers receive the Program technical assistance.

More than 20 thousand hectares harvesting high-value horticultural crops.

The Program provided equal opportunities for men and women, and incorporated environmental protection activities.

Approximately 17 thousand 914 market links were established between the producers and buyers, including local dealers, agro-processors, wholesale markets and agriculture product exporters.

Thus, during implementation term the MCA-H/FTDA Program exceeded its goal, which according to the amendment signed in February 2010, was of six thousand farmers trained and with profits of more than two thousand dollars per hectare a year, and as from November 2010, records show 1.264 farmers more than the ones established in the Program goals.

The Millennium Account - Honduras implemented its program in an efficient and transparent manner creating more opportunities for economic development for the male and female horticulture farmers, with 17 thousand 914 market links established between the producers and buyers, including local dealers, agro-processors, wholesale markets and agriculture product exporters.

Providing equal opportunities for men and women, MCA-H/FTDA activities also incorporated environmental protection and training on pests and crop diseases.

Beyond the figures, the program was successful in incorporating producers that own less than one hectare of planting area compared to other programs in the past that were exclusive for medium and large-sized producers; and benefiting with each one of the alliances established by MCA-H/FTDA with suppliers and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), making it possible to access to additional resources provided by the Millennium Account - Honduras, in access to credit and technical assistance.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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