In operation Commission for Expropriation of the right of way in the CA-5 North Highway

Francisco Morazán.- The process for expropriation of the right of way implemented by the Millennium Challenge Account in the sections under construction that run from Tegucigalpa to the beginning of the Comayagua Valley, is absolutely transparent and subject to different controls regulating the forceful eviction and the Millennium Challenge Account.

In order to execute each of the expropriation cases, different notifications were served, through communication means, radio stations and in written media of national coverage, to the owners of the lots located in the right of way and in the additional areas that will be used for the enhancing of the CA-5 North Highway. The Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Housing (SOPTRAVI) later on published information on the visits conducted by the Expropriation Commission, for the physical recovery of the affected lots.


Representatives of the Expropriation Commission while doing their job.

There are 178 cases of forceful eviction since the issuing of the first and second expropriation decree approved by the National Congress of the Republic.

The Commission for Expropriation of the right of way of the CA-5 North is integrated by representatives of SOPTRAVI, the National Police, officers of the Millennium Challenge Account - Honduras, the firm supervising the construction Works and the contractor for each of the sections; SOPTRAVI was in charge of implementing the forceful eviction in those cases where the affected people refused to receive the indemnification and the voluntary resettlement.

The legal order authorizing the State of Honduras to carry out the expropriation of lots in favor of the public interest, instead of becoming a vehicle for social development has turned into a hindrance to the expedite and efficient construction of infrastructure Works. The Millennium Challenge Account– Honduras, as part of the implementation of its Transportation Project, seeks to generate a juridical/social model that could yield positive results; to that effect an ordering was designed whose final purpose is to improve living conditions for the affected parties.

There are 178 cases for forceful eviction that have been implemented after the first and second expropriation decree approved by the National Congress of the Republic, which were implemented either because the owners of the lots did not appear or because the Price requested exceeded the fair Price established.

Similarly, there are 200 families that have been compensated through the resettlement plan and 218 through direct payment for their lands or improvements. This alternate model for expropriation and resettlement is applicable only to the projects of the Millennium Challenge Account - Honduras.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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