The enhancing and improving of the CA-5 North Highway generates some 1300 new jobs

Amarateca, Francisco Morazán.- Employment generation is related very closely to economic growth. The Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras, through the enhancing and improvement of the CA-5 North Highway currently generates a total of 1065 direct jobs and 235 indirect jobs in the sections where enhancing and improving works are being made on the road.

The sections where the Works are being constructed run from the Tegucigalpa exit to the beginning of the Comayagua Valley, excluding the area under construction in Comayagua. Hiring for the Works has included workers, biologists and environmentalists, covering each of the required fields for the execution of the Works with efficiency and quality.


Some 1,300 jobs, direct and indirect are generated in the segments under construction of the CA-5 North Highway, stretches that connect Tegucigalpa to the beginning of the Comayagua Valley.

The enhancing and improvement of the CA-5 North Highway generates some 235 indirect jobs.

The improving and enhancing Works at the CA-5 North Highway have generated a significant number of direct and indirect jobs.

The segment under construction includes stretches that run from Tegucigalpa to the beginning of the Comayagua Valley.

The workers may be observed along the road: carpenters, signal flag girls, engineers, bricklayers, gardeners, machinery operators…. All of them generating economic growth for the country and an income for their families; these are jobs which alike those in administration and office, are considered direct jobs.

Also, the works have allowed other families in the area to benefit from them, such as the lady that sells sodas or the food in the adjacent communities whom has also been benefitted with an indirect job, as well as the traditional salesmen of candies and fruits which benefit from the road stops to offer their products to interurban transport units, or vehicles that have to make these stops along the construction Works..

There are many benefits which the Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras propitiates through its Transportation Project, employment generation is one of them, and it is a challenge for the country not only because it represents the basis for a honorable life and the main source of income for the population, but also because poverty is a present threat to society.

Part of the people benefitted by these Works are 38 women whom are mostly single mothers that feed their families with the income generated working as signal flag girls, cooks, cleaning and also assisting in the offices located in the construction site.

The construction Works at the CA-5 North Highway, the main communication route in the country, are expected to conclude in 2012 with the execution of US$130 million funding from the CABEI, benefitting more than 3.5 million drivers and/or vehicle owners per year.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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