15.7 hectares of forest have been re-planted as part of the enhancing Works of the CA-5 North Highway

El Jicarito, Comayagua.- The Millennium Challenge Account - Honduras implements a Environmental Management Plan (EMP) that includes preventive and corrective actions to mitigate, correct and relieve the impacts caused by the enhancing and improvement Works carried out on a road which is the main communication route in the country, the CA-5 North Highway.

The implementation of the IMP includes four significant aspects that contractors comply with in order to properly managing the environmental, health and safety aspects in road construction works, these aspects are: an environmental management plan, a safety, hygiene and occupational health plan, an environmental monitoring and follow up plan and finally, a recovery plan for the altered areas.


The Contractor company has planted a total of 16, 100 pine seedlings in a re-planted area of 15.7 hectares of forest.

Panoramic view of the forest being re-planted and the access stretch for its protection.

At the segment under construction which runs from the Río del Hombre to the beginning of the Comayagua Valley, a total of 16,100 pine seedlings have been planted complying with the regulations of the del Instituto de Conservación Forestal (ICF), of planting three trees for each cut off tree, in a reforested area of hectares of wood forest.

The support from the benefitted municipalities is very significant for the sustainability of the works as well as for the environment protection; the Municipality of the Villa de San Antonio, has joined the efforts in favor of these re-planted hectares, hiring the services of the walking watchman that watches over the plantation on a daily basis, and by placing fences along the perimeter to prevent cattle from passing through the area.

With these actions the Millennium Challenge Account - Honduras protects the environment of the area where the works are under construction, and at the same time at each stretch or section there is an environmental supervisor who oversees the compliance by each contractor of the Environmental Management Plan. For example, the workers, the residents of the area and visitors using the road, are instructed on the existing prohibition to remove species of flora and fauna from the area.

Likewise, contractors are not allowed to use wood or vegetating material from the surrounding areas for the construction of scaffolds, propping up (temporary structures used in construction for support), frames or other construction activities.

Added to the above, the contractor companies have initiated since the past January protection activities mainly oriented to prevent fires by creating when required, counter fire watches for the protection of the re-vegetated forest.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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