Participants in the Specialization course on Environmental Management and Law carry out fieldwork with support from the Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras

Amarateca. - The Executive Director of the Millennium Challenge Account received a support request from the Directorate of Environmental Evaluation and Control (DECA), for visits to and fieldwork in Section I of Highway CA-5 North's expansion and improvement project by students participating in the Specialized Course on Environmental Management and Law focusing on Environmental Audit and Assessment, which is given to government officials related to this issue.

Two groups, each comprised of 14 representatives from DECA, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (SERNA) and other State institutions, visited the contractor’s work site in the Tegucigalpa-Hombre River section as well as the quarries and other surrounding areas, with the ultimate goal of developing an audit of compliance plan and learning about the environmental requirements for this type of work.


Students in the specialization course learn about MCA’s Environmental Plan.

Carmen Padilla, Environment and Social Specialist of the Millennium Challenge Account- Honduras guided the tour of the Project.

Through this plan, the students will be able to determine the scope of the measures to be evaluated and the geographic area that needs to be covered for these types of constructions. Another point to this visit was to give these students an idea of the work involved and the requirements for an environmental audit of compliance in a project of such magnitude as Highway CA-5 North.

Carmen Padilla, Environment and Social Specialist of the Millennium Challenge Account - Honduras guided the visitors and explained the Environmental Management Plan the Project is implementing, so that students could have an idea of the time and resources needed to carry out an environmental audit of an entire project.

While touring the construction sites for academic purposes, they saw for themselves the progress the Millennium Challenge Account - Honduras has made in fulfilling environmental commitments made to SERNA.

The main purpose of MCA's Environmental Management Plan is to implement preventive and corrective actions that avoid, mitigate, correct and compensate for damage caused by the improvement and expansion of Highway CA-5 North.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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