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La Cuesta, Tegucigalpa. - Highway CA-5 is the most important arterial road in Honduras. The Tegucigalpa - Hombre River stretch is 24.3 kilometers long, taking into account that the section under construction begins where the Armed Forces Boulevard ends, at the El Carrizal exit, which is where actual MCA intervention starts.

Currently, this stretch of highway has two 3.60 meter-wide lanes and widens to include a third lane for freight vehicles in some areas. All along this stretch, a large number of families and businesses occupy the highway’s path, forcing MCA to implement its Resettlement Policy which includes negotiating compensation for land and/or existing improvements.


The Millennium La Cuesta residential complex is part of the resettlement conducted in the “La Cuesta" area in Section I of Highway CA-5 North’s improvement and expansion.

Some of the measures implemented in the same area.

Construction of access road for families living in La Cuesta II.

Steps being built in La Cuesta II.

"When improvements come to the country, great ... we can not all be winners ... there are always losers, but this work is excellent." Filiberto Mendez, president of Cuesta No II board.

Along this section, about $ 15.4 million Lempiras have been disbursed in payments for improvements, compensating 115 families who were living alongside where the highway was to be expanded to four lanes.

. Likewise, 50 families have been relocated in four Millennium residential complexes built with all the basic requirements. In an area known as La Cuesta II, negotiations are underway are to improve the current conditions of high risk and vulnerability in which 10 families live, who despite having built their homes on a fault that was aggravated by Hurricane Mitch, are still living there.

The homes in question are located in the highest part of the La Cuesta area and MCA has built an access road so that families can come and go with their vehicles as well as two sets of steps leading from the road to their homes.

In addition, in order to in some way mitigate the effects the rains may have on these families due to the existing fault, MCA will build drainage works in the surrounding terrain and in each of the homes that could be affected.

The Resettlement Policy implemented by MCA is meant to cause as little harm as possible to the people relocated away from the highway’s path.


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