The General Director of MCA – Honduras meets with the La Cuesta Sector 2 board of trustees

Tegucigalpa, June 20 2011.- Marco Bogran, General Director of the Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras and Esther Aleman, Transportation Director had a follow up meeting today with members of the Board of Trustees of the La Cuesta Village Sector 2, located at the Tegucigalpa exit in the area of influence of the Works for enhancing of the main communication route of the country, the CA-5 North Highway.

The Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras, being a development program, through its resettlement plans and socially responsible policies has been socializing the designs and scope of the road enhancing Project with the neighbors of La Cuesta No.2 through specialized firms since 2008.


Authorities of the Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras and members of the La Cuesta No. 2 Board of Trustees during the meeting.

Authorities of the Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras and members of the La Cuesta No. 2 Board of Trustees during the meeting.

The Works in the area include the construction of 10 houses, sanitation and community drainage Works, and pedestrian and vehicle Access Works. Also a pedestrian bridge with its corresponding bays for bus parking will be built for the comfort of the neighbors of this area of the capital city. This community will have access to two close by returns, one that is part of the Millennium Interchange at Km 2+100 and another one at El Durazno.

The Project design includes the construction of a pedestrian bridge at station 3+020, 35.90 m long and 5.30 m height, with reinforced cement concrete structures, with its corresponding bays, and, at the request of the community, a study was conducted on the geological seizure whose Works are being implemented. More than 4.3 million lempiras have been invested in La Cuesta in the sanitation of the area and more tan 6.5 million lempiras have been invested in houses construction.

The meeting was attended by Rubén H. Sosa, Belin Fabiola Sosa, Doris Zepeda, Cristóbal Juárez, José Francisco Sosa and Héctor Sosa Flores, representing more than 10,000 inhabitants.

The Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras through the application of its Resettlement Policy and its social liability practices, has provided equal or better conditions to more tan 1200 people whom formerly occupied the right of way; has paid fair indemnification s and has prevented the communities adjacent to the CA-5 North Highway from being affected and always keeping the quality of the infrastructure through the compliance with norms and technical regulations for Works of this nature and also watching over the safety of all the road users, the ones living in near by areas as well as those that pass by, being consistent with the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, formulated the United Nations General Assembly which suggests the designing of safer roads as an efficient intervention.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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