Intermediaries and credit holders of the trust fund supervised

Tegucigalpa.- The Technical Support Unit of the Trust Fund for Access to Agricultural Credit and BAC/Honduras, carried out the quarterly inspection and supervision tour corresponding to the period: February to April 2011, with the purpose of verifying compliance by the financial intermediaries with the regulations and operative guidelines of the Trust Fund.

The inspection tour started on May 23 and concluded on June 1 of the present year, visiting six intermediaries whose coverage includes the departments of Atlántida, Cortés, Yoro, Olancho, Valle and Choluteca. Those entities are: Del Campo Soluciones Agrícolas, FUNED, FINACOOP, FAMA, LAFISE and FERTICA. A simple was extracted for each one, the producers that have been benefitted with the financing of the Trust Fund and the cultivated lots corresponding to each farmer.

. The tour results will be presented through a report with the corresponding recommendations to the intermediaries, with the purpose of improving credit management and minimizing the risk of non compliance. The tour conducted corresponds to the second quarterly supervision tour scheduled for 2011, an activity which is the responsibility of the Technical Unit officers Juan Ramón Rodriguez and Sadoc Eliud Aguilar.


José Santos, pineapple producer in Los Caminos, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, being interviewed by the Trust Fund technicians.

Tomato plantation in La Joya, Orica, Francisco Morazán.

Sweet pepper plantation in slope, Las Neblinas, Merendón, Cortés.


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