8.7 kilometers paved with asphalt concrete

Amarateca.- The enhancing of the CA-5 North Highway in the Section Tegucigalpa – Río del Hombre is progressing at a very fast pace. The execution rate exceeds the one established in the contract, as up to the date there are 8.7 kilometers paved with asphalt concrete in two lanes of the road, which represent over 30% of the project length.

The paved stretch is located between kilometers 11+000 and 22 +800. The supervision in charge of verifying the quality of the works on the road conducted a very thorough process to approve the asphalt mixture, conducting all quality tests required by the specifications through a quality assurance process, which will ensure the durability of the conducted Works.

The Engineer of the firm supervising the Works, Derick Carranza, explained that the asphalt mixture is made at the Contractor camp with an automated system under the inspection of a specialist in the plant management.


Another 8.7 paved kilometers ready to be used at the CA-5 North Highway.

The enhancing of the CA-5 North Highway to four lanes will allow the easy circulation of vehicles in that area of the road.

The paving roads were initiated in June and that are now completed will allow the opening of that stretch of the road ffor vehicles circulation.

30% of the project´s length is already paved.

Likewise, Carranza said that the paving Works at those 8.7 kilometers started in the past June and that are now completed will allow the Contractor to open them to the public in order to work in the other two existing lanes, in a safer way for the Contractor as well as to the road users.

The Works for enhancing of the CA-5 North Highway are implemented by the Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras as means to generate economic growth in the country.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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