Inspection for compliance with norms for night safety

Tegucigalpa.- With the purpose of guaranteeing road and labor safety of users and workers of the CA-5 North Highway, the Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras through its specialists is conducting periodic night inspections, which will allow the verification of the compliance with national and international standards on vertical and horizontal signaling during the stage of construction and enhancing of the road.

Inspections are aimed at promoting the use of personal protection equipment, lighting at night work fronts and the utilization of transit direction and control devices with the specifications required for these types of Works.

Engineer Gerardo Handal, in charge of the compliance of road safety actions in the section Tegucigalpa – Río del Hombre on behalf of the firm supervising the Works, reported that “the objective of night safety measures is to reduce risks to the users and protecting the road as much as possible as well as to guarantee the workers safety”.


Required measures for the workers and road users safety are implemented by the night work fronts.

During the night inspections the adequate use of protection equipment by the night work fronts is promoted. Also the utilization of traffic direction and control devices is verified.

The workers are constantly trained to implement safety measures.

During night inspections the application of all required safety measures is supervised to ensure safety of the workers and users of the road.

Handal reported that the workers hired are constantly trained in issues such as personal protection (use of vests and reflecting helmets, stressing the importance of the use of the equipment for their safety. “At the beginning we had problems with the implementation of the measures but as training sessions have developed, the workers have changed their attitude” he said.

Carmen Padilla, Specialist for Environment and Safety of the Millennium Challenge Account - Honduras, said that the improving of traffic conditions at night work are one step ahead in road and labor safety in Honduras.

The Millennium Challenge Account - Honduras, has sought the compliance with the national legislation in regards to road safety, in order to ensure the reduction of accidents and the least delays posible to the users of the CA-5 North Highway during the enhancing Works.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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