First Agro exporters association founded

Tegucigalpa.- On the basis built by the Program for Farmers Training and Development (MCA-H/EDA) funded by the Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras in 16 of the 18 departments of the country, the first Board of Directors of the Asociación de Agroexportadores de Honduras (AGROEXH) was recently sworn in, this organization gathers producers that thanks to the technical assistance provided by MCA-H/EDA are now exporting their agricultural production at the regional and international level.

The foundation of this association formally initiated after the completion of the MCA-H/EDA program as part of the Program sustainability. Its organization is aimed at promoting and encouraging the organization interests.


At the interior of the Board of Directors of AGROEXH, five of the positions are occupied by producers that were benefitted by the MCA-H/EDA Program.

The AGROEXH is born thanks to the producers that received technical assistance from Millennium Challenge Account - Honduras.

The creation of this entity contributes to the development of the agricultural products exporter sector in Honduras, and therefore both the Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura (IICA) and the Consejo Hondureño de la Empresa Privada (COHEP) have supported this new private association.

AGROEXH is a simple of the creation of new opportunities for national agricultura left by the Millennium Challenge Account - Honduras amongst the producers it benefitted. Its board of directors is integrated by agro exporters: Raúl Flores Gómez, exporter of oriental vegetables and President of the Board; Roberto Moncada, exporter of sweet potatoes from Tegucigalpa, the Board´s Vice President; Treasurer, Nevio Castellanos, exporter of sweet potatoes from Comayagua; and as directors Carlos Sánchez producer and exporter of tamales and Elvis Borjas exporter of oriental vegetables from Olancho, all of them assisted by the Millennium Challenge Account - Honduras.

This association is the result of the initiatives carried out by the MCA-H/EDA Program which started in August 2010 and that have enabled to create an entity in support of agro exporters in turning into a permanent table for dialogue and a first class entity duly legalized.

MCA-H/EDA benefitted more tan 6 thousand Honduran farmers, whom thanks to the technical assistance and Access to credit granted turned their production into a profitable and sustainable operation; this has resulted in an increase of the rural income and in the generation of employment opportunities.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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