28 water wells drilled in 2011 through the agreement signed with SAG/ FUNDER

El Paraíso.- As part of the support that the Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras left to the farmers and horticultural producers in different communities in the country, a total of 28 wells for irrigation systems were drilled during the second and third semester of 2011 with the water well drilling truck that was donated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Cattle, SAG, in 2010.

The well drilling truck donated by the Millennium Challenge Account - Honduras is part of the agreement signed between this Program and the SAG in association with FUNDER, with the purpose of facilitating the installation of irrigation systems in the farms of the producers benefitted by the Program for Farmers Training and Development MCA-H/EDA and of the horticultural producers in general whose farms comply with the basic requisites for water well drilling.


Marco Bográn, Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras General Director, supervising the drilling works.

It is estimated that the truck will drill some 147 water wells in producers farms at the national level.

The Wells Project Manager of FUNDER, Rolando Calderón, reported that during the months from March through September, 28 water wells have been drilled: four water wells in the department of Yoro and 24 in El Paraíso. He also commented that “the requests for water well drilling are higher during summer, during winter these have decreased considerably, but surveys are being conducted in San Marcos de Ocotepeque to dril Wells at the beginning of next year guaranteeing the producers to secure their investments”.

Calderón added that the water wells drilled during this period range between 80 and 100 feet deep and most of the demand to the present has been in the department of El Paraíso at the request of the producers of horticultural products and basic grains, “the producers seek the advise of the regional offices of the SAG at the national level to request the drilling… we go to the communities with the machinery and the truth is that the truck recommends itself… we drilled one well and other producers start requesting more drillings”.

It is estimated that the truck will drill some 147 water Wells in producers farms at the national level. Candidate farmers to the service must have either individually or associated with others, up to 20 hectares of crops with a potential high commercial value and connections with the market.

The drilling of these water Wells for irrigation systems will allow to improve the efficiency and profitability of productive farms creating better opportunities for agriculture at the national level. This activity is part of the sustainability left by the Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras in its rural development programs and projects.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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