Equitably, Women are part of the projects funded by the Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras

Amarateca, Francisco Morazán.- The Millennium Challenge Account -Honduras, propitiates gender equity in its Transportation Project, creating employment opportunities which benefit women residing in the communities adjacent to the areas where the main communication route in the country, the CA-5 North Highway, is being improved and enhanced.

An example of equity in generated opportunities is the hiring of women in Section Tegucigalpa - Río del Hombre, to carry out replanting and planting of vetiver activities for the protection of the slopes existing along the road.

Texla López and Glenda Aplicano are two of the determined women that started working three months ago in reforesting activities working along several men, planting Vetiver and pine seedlings, working the same journal and earning the same pay as their men colleagues, thus contributing not only to their homes expenses, but also stimulating the country´s economy.


Reforesting Works in section Tegucigalpa - Río del Hombre at the CA-5 North Highway.

The women work beside the men carrying out reforesting tasks.

Texla López and Glenda Aplicano are two determined women that started working three months ago in reforesting activities.

Environmental consultant Judith Perla, reported that in this section, with the work made by the women, the Millennium Challenge Account has replanted 3.58 hectares of forest, planting over 15,000 pine seedlings in the areas of San Francisco, Santa Emilia, Second Air Transported Infantry Battalion and the Ground Station at the Amarateca Valley.

Also, she explained that after the planting activities, maintenance activities follow that will last for a year, until pine trees adapt to the terrain.

Before initiating their work, women were trained in issues such as: criteria to select the plant, the correct manner to plant and compact the plant in the hole, size and shape of the hole depending on the plant to be sown, quantity and manner to apply the fertilizer, among other issues, which will be useful to them not only for their work in this Project, but for the rest of their lives.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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