As a result of the enhancing Works of the CA-5 North Highway
Three peasant bridges installed in Zambrano

Zambrano, Francisco Morazán.- For the safety of peasants that use the CA-5 North Highway and as a result of the enhancing of this road to four lanes, the Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras built three peasant bridges of metallic structure in the urban community of Zambrano and as part of the safety recommendations made by the studies conducting for the enhancing of this section of the road.

The structures are placed at kilometers 31.2, 32.5 and 32.8 and will allow the users of the road to pass by with less risks. There are several houses, businesses, restaurants, schools, a gas station and other services in this area, and for that reason the Millennium Challenge Account - Honduras saw to the community concern and built a road solution that provides safety to vehicles and peasants.


Peasant bridges installed in Zambrano for the safety of users.

The structures are placed at kilometers 31.2, 32.5 and 32.8 and will allow the road users to circulate through the road with less risk.

The Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras and the Zambrano Board of Trustees signed an agreement that also includes the construction of side walks along the road, the construction of a three kilometers median in the middle of the 20 meters wide road, in addition to the construction of booth at bus stations, an access road to the Francisco Morazán Institute and drainage works.

With the construction of peasant bridges will ensure the safety of people´s lives cons, considering the width of the road and the volume of peasants that pass by the area. Peasant bridges were built according to a design that takes into account the number of passers by, at 5.20 meters height from the median with cement concrete base, metallic structure and handrails

The improving and enhancing of the 107.2 kilometers of the CA-5 North Highway benefits the owners and drivers of 3.5 million vehicles passing by this road on an annual basis and that once concluded, will reduce their traveling time and will be safer on the road, facilitating competitiveness and generating economic growth to the country


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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